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Not only are we located in Aldershot, but we also have free parking for your convenience.

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daily choices that make a difference
There is now a growing awareness in the general public and even in the medical community as well that we need to integrate and incorporate together differing scientific methods in order to achieve optimal health.

A true expression of health and well being goes beyond the lab test results and blood tests and CT scans which can detect illness. Health and healthy living involves daily lifestyle choices, which include nutrition, physical activity, support of friends and family, involvement in the community and treatment protocols that produce results.

unique combinations
At ITI-Natural Health Sciences, we have done extensive research into treatment regimens that produce positive results. We attempt to find the unique combination of treatment options with nutritional and lifestyle changes which will be tailored to each individual. We may incorporate acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, frequency specific microcurrent, nutrition and homeopathy support and exercise programs as needed.

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