chronic pain treatment nautally

we believe in you

There are many approaches that we can take toward the crises that inevitably occur in our lives. Each one of us lives through periods of stress and crisis. All lives have moments when great changes do happen, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  Many aspects of our life journey are out of our control. How we react to it can sometimes determine our future.  What can we do when this happens to us? We can be complacent and accept that we can do nothing or we can take charge of our lives.

preventive and proactive
Daily we are faced with the necessity of developing a preventive and pro-active approach to our health. Nutrition and natural therapies are becoming ever more important in our daily lives.

getting the best treatment
Chronic illness is a very important personal matter. For a growing number of Canadians, taking part in personal wellness has become an important choice in the long road to rehabilitating oneself from chronic illness or disability.

More and more people are turning to alternative or complementary methods. How does one choose a suitable kind of therapy?  Will it be beneficial?

We can offer guidance in answering some of these concerns.

Integrating different natural therapies together can effect a change in chronic pain. In this office, we listen to your concerns, review your situation and we may discuss choices with you to determine what would be the best option for your uniquely individual needs.

a vital part
At Integrative Touch, we believe in you. We will not propose treatment unless we have your full understanding and cooperation. Our goal is to have the best outcome for you and to help you have a result which will allow you to live your life to the fullest. That means your physical well-being, emotional well-being and your spiritual well-being. Each part of your state of wellness is addressed as a vital part of you as a whole individual.

beyond your treatment
We also have methods of evaluation, which can be used to monitor progress during the treatment program period. Since there is a great deal of learning involved in optimal health, we also have resources such as a full natural health sciences course schedule available for those who are interested in extending their knowledge of natural health beyond the treatment period.

take the time
We take the time to listen to your concerns and problems and sometimes your fears, as well. Recovery from a chronic condition or even a relatively less serious illness can be very scary if you do not understand what the future may hold for you. We can in a small way explain some of your concerns and give you some understanding of your condition and what you might expect from a course of treatment.