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Asking is the first step

Sometimes a little change or improvement means a lot of change in your quality of life.

If you have a problem that you think cannot be helped or something that you think is not important enough to ask about, we can sometimes put your mind at ease and answer your concerns. We welcome all questions and concerns.

Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful if you would like to inquire about treatment
plans we have available.

take an active part in your recovery
We offer instructional videos and DVDs as a resource, which are available to anyone who wishes to come to our office.
We have brochures and articles relating to the benefits of various different types of treatment for chronic conditions. If there are any articles that are particularly relevant to your problem, we will provide them to you free of charge.

We are committed to learning and encourage our staff to attend up to date courses and conferences so that we can offer the newest treatments and programs as they become available.

We offer evening classes in a variety of natural health topics such as nutrition,  craniosacral techniques you can do at home, massage for babies, stress busters, basic anatomy and physiology.

If you have any immediate concerns, you can email us at:

New Patient information
Hello and welcome to taking the first step in saying goodbye to suffering. Please fill out our new patient information form before your first visit. The form can be downloaded here.

Chiropractic Inital Consultation
Chiropractors believe in finding and eliminating the cause of the pain, rather than simply treating the symptoms of pain. Please take the time to fill out this consent to treatment form and a privacy policy form as well as this Chiropractic Intake Form so that we can learn the best way to treat your pain.

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