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Kiara Galbreath, MD

Kiara Galbreath MD

Kiara Galbreath MD has been recognized for her work in developing new approaches to the treatment of chronic pain and disability. She has given lectures at McMaster University, Brock University, & Queens University and has been featured for her work on CBC Radio, The Hamilton Spectator, and other local and national media.

A graduate of the Internal Medicine programme at McGill University, her medical career was cut short by a multiple trauma accident which changed the direction of her life and made her study the alternatives to health care that are available.

This was the motivation which gave her the idea of starting a natural health sciences business in 1995.

She has not looked back since then. She enjoys her work.

Believing in your recovery

your recovery

Getting the best treatments

Chronic illness is a very important personal matter.

Integrating different natural therapies together can effect a change in chronic pain. In this office, we listen to your concerns, review your situation and we may
discuss choices with you to determine what would be the best option for your uniquely individual needs.

Your Recovery

Asking is the first step. We welcome all questions and concerns.

Treatments we offer

Nutrition and Natural Supplements
Pain Programs
Trauma Counselling
Bowen Massage Therapy
Chiropractic – CranioSacral Therapy

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