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Self-Directed Health is a very important personal matter.

 For a growing number of Canadians, taking part in health decisions has become an important part of recovery from chronic illness or disability.

More and more people are turning to alternative or complementary methods.
What is the best kind of therapy? Where do you go to find out? Who can you go to for advice?
Who can you trust to guide you in a direction which will be beneficial?

This is the dilemma.

Senior Wellness Programmes

living a healthy lifestyle for seniors

Exploring new avenues

We have the experience with both the traditional medical treatments and new treatments which have great potential to reduce pain and improve lifestyle.

We have developed treatment protocols for conditions usually considered chronic and untreatable. We can treat successfully the chronic pain of shingles or trigeminal neuralgia. We can relieve the pain of peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes or chemotherapy. We have treated multiple cases of reflex sympathetic dystrophy with complete recovery. We have also treated MDDS which is a little-known condition in which you feel that you are on board a ship at sea so you feel seasick all the time.

Surely it is now time to explore new avenues of treating chronic pain and disability in order to improve the lives of so many of us who have been suffering in silence for years.

It is very important to not become complacent and think that there is nothing more to be done. There are options and there are choices.

The way to recovery is to never give up. It is always worth the effort to try one more treatment

Preventive and Proactive

Daily we are faced with the necessity of developing a preventive and pro-active approach to our health. Nutrition and natural therapies are becoming ever more important in our daily lives.

Getting the Best Treatment

Integrating different natural therapies together can effect a change in chronic pain. In this office, we listen to your concerns, review your situation and we may discuss choices with you to determine what would be the best option for your uniquely individual needs.

Beyond your Treatment

We also have methods of evaluation, which can be used to monitor progress during the treatment program period. Since there is a great deal of learning involved in optimal health, we also have resources such as a full natural health sciences course schedule available for those who are interested in extending their knowledge of natural health beyond the treatment period.

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